• Osez Joséphine !

    Plus rien ne s'oppose à la nuit, rien ne justifie

    ~ Alain Bashung

  • klimt golden vibe cuff

    Reality leaves a lot to the imagination

    ~ John lennon

  • clutch clotilde

    In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.

    ~ Coco Chanel

  • Abundance Brooch

    Don't be like the rest of them Darling !

  • Equalizer

    What we think, we become. ~Buddha

  • Cameo

    "Everything you can imagine is real" ~Pablo Picasso


  • Born in an artist family, lived in an artistic environment all her life, Judith could not escape the artistic fever!;  Crafted with her unique style and talenther work is sensual and undeniably infused with a “je ne sais quoi“ ...that is french!; Everything has a mysterious reason to be and you fall in love with a piece not just because it is beautiful!; There is a “subtil” complexity to her craftsmanship that makes it attractive to the eye instantly and when you wear her pieces, it becomes you, takes your shape, rest warmly on your skin and you know right away if this particular piece is for you! Judith talks to the artist in you and helps bring out a mysterious flair of romantic modernism that is so incredibly feminine!

    Laura Mercier ~ makeup artist and founder of Laura Mercier Cosmetics

  • "Judith Bodart Beylerian" is one of the most innovative, organically creative, elegant artists I have ever met. Her beautiful work exudes the chicness of her French heritage combined with an original edge that gives each of her pieces a timeless yet head turning style. Her craftsmanship and attention to detail is seen in her lovingly hand selecting every ingredient to construct each of her unique pieces. Jude’s work embodies the soul of all that it is to be an artist, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a mother and a friend."   

    Nazneen Contractor ~ actress
    nazneen contractor imdb page

  • “One of a kind” is what I think of when I think of a Jude Beylerian piece. It will always be the only one.  Unique. An individual. Just like the wearer.  When I wear one of her pieces, whether it is a piece of jewelry (the feather is my favorite) or clothing (her kimono), I feel the energy of the artist. She pours her skill, and creativity as well as her love into every detail of every piece.  I know once you out on a Jude Beylerian piece you will know exactly what I am talking about.

    Jessalyn Gilsig ~ actress & painter