Baby Book

"Mon Livre de Bébé "is an invitation of pure joy and sweetness to preserve the first precious moments of your little

angel in a book filled with Love. Becoming a mother was the richest moment in my life, creating a special book

to capture this unique time in life, was one of this step as an artist that I had to experience.

Drawing each of the pages, it was telling a story...the all story around the birth of a child!

My daughter Lunabelle, like any kid, love to discover again and again this sacred moment of her early childhood.

A ribbon pink, blue or orange will be added to close the book in an elegant and soft way. You will also find inside some little details along the sweet drawings.  ~Jude

A beautiful gift that will cherish always!

3 versions available:  Please allow 3 weeks to come to you ! Thanks. ( contact us if you want to expedite the order)

- Baby Book (english Version)

- Baby Book (english Twins Version)

- Mon livre de bébé (french Version)

Ribbon color choices: Pink, Blue, Orange.