Bridging Timeless Elegance with Contemporary Expression 

Born into a lineage of artistic brilliance, Judith Bodart Beylerian is a true Parisian bespoke couture artist whose creative journey has seamlessly woven the threads of heritage and innovation. Her passion for crafting wearable art that transcends eras has led her to a distinct niche in the world of fashion and design.

 Embodied Artistry: With a lineage steeped in artistic excellence, Judith found herself naturally drawn to the realm of creation from a young age. Growing up amidst the captivating atmosphere of artistic exploration, she absorbed the essence of creativity, leading her to carve her own unique path in the world of fashion.

Global Inspirations, Timeless Transformations: Judith's artistic spirit knows no borders. Her love for vintage pieces has taken her on an enchanting journey across markets worldwide, where she unearths treasures waiting to be reborn. These timeless gems, once discovered, become the canvas of her contemporary expressions. Through her deft touch, vintage finds evolve into bespoke fashion pieces, exquisite jewels, alluring hats, and captivating accessories.

Fashioning the Soul's Expression: For Judith, each creation is a celebration of individuality. Her commissioned pieces are more than just attire; they are extensions of the wearer's unique essence. With every stitch, gem, and flourish, she weaves the wearer's personality into her artistry, allowing them to don a masterpiece that speaks to their soul's creativity.

Beyond Couture: Judith's work transcends mere fashion; it's an experience. Wearing one of her meticulously designed pieces is akin to embarking on a journey of self-expression. It's an ode to one's artistic soul, resonating with the echoes of history and the pulse of the present.

 Parisian Elegance, Global Impact: Based in the heart of Los Angeles, Judith epitomizes the essence of a roots "Paris" the city's legendary elegance and artistic aura. Her creations, however, have a global reach, touching the lives of those who seek to celebrate their individuality with a touch of timeless charm and modern flair.

Judith Bodart Beylerian's work is a testament to the power of artistic lineage, personal expression, and cross-cultural inspiration. Her pieces are more than mere accessories; they are bridges connecting the past, present, and future.

Connect with Judith to embrace the magic of her bespoke couture art and embark on a journey of self-expression like no other.


Note: One of Judith's early creations was Julia Robert’s wedding dress. She loved the process of collaborating with her vision and using her passion as a designer, painter and sculptor to bring her dress to life. 


Judith had a lot of mentors in her circle of family and friends:

My grandfather Marcel Bodart was a sculptor and my grandmother Geneviève was a painter.  My brother Stephane is a violin maker in Paris. My mother Catherine is a painter with a background in design. From her I learned so many talents; sewing, cooking, graphic design and gardening. She was the original treasure hunter who trained my eye to spot the fabulous.

My dear friends, Laura Mercier (world renown makeup artist) and Serge Normant (world renown Hair Stylist) educated me of the world of fashion, I was 20 year old leaving in Manhattan. There I met my future husband Gregory Beylerian, a prolific artist who grew up in the heart of the New York art & design scene, as the son of George Beylerian known as The design Guru of his time! We immediately connected as I came from my own family of inspiring artists!