Bespoke ... ~ made to order 

The most important aspect of my work is to create Unique & Artful Custom Made piece for a significant other. The client will bring an idea, a vision, a special heirloom to be incorporate into the creative process. 

"Life is too special to look like anybody else, be the only one of its kind unlike anything else."

Each creation is an intricate, conscious & mindful association of "one+of+a+kind" fashion.

the piece created for you, becomes you, take your shape, rest warmly on your skin... embodies your soul!

Examples of commission:

~ Presenting the "Haygachen Gold Belt"

The vintage leather belt was given as a sentimentale base by my client Seza Oz. from her beloved father. She directed my creative thought by sharing with me the desire to own a golden belt. She also show me one of my creation (the Art Deco Bracelet) that she was drawn to !

It give me enough direction to start the Custom Design of a special Wearable Art accessory.




~Presenting : "La Folie Rouge Belt"


~ Presenting the "Clutch Me tender"



Testimonial of Seza Ouzounian
When I entered Judith’s studio and saw her work, I was in heaven.   Her collection display of jewelry, accessories, hats, vintage clothing and artifacts is enchanting.  I saw how she finds treasures, reuses and transforms them back to life in her very special and talented way.   Her workmanship shows how she pays attention to detail creating these exquisite pieces.  I needed a gold belt.  I went through my belts in my closet and came across my dad’s caramel color, leather suede belt that I had picked up from his closet when he passed.  I knew Jude could revive this belt back to life.  I asked her and she loved the idea.  She told me how she loves working with leather which aroused interest in me because my family was in the leather business in Ethiopia.  I remember how my grandfather would enjoy touching and feeling the soft leather in his hands.  Judith and I had yet another connection, we both love leather!  I had set my eye on a buckle in her “vitrine” that was surrounded by this soft fur and she noticed that.  So we worked together to revive my belt.  She painted it with gold, geometric shapes and she made this most beautiful buckle that slips on, with the fur and an amber colored ornamental stone.  It is the most beautiful belt that I have ever owned.  
What I love about Jude is that she works around the pieces with so much care and respect from where they come from.  She has the ability to see and feel my desires and vision and works with her clients to create pieces that speak to them and to her.  She puts her heart in her work and it shows.
Then I saw her “O” bag and I had to have it.  It is a warm pumpkin color pouch, my favorite color, I had to have it.  It came home with me.  It is like a piece of jewelry.  I still have not worn it because I have not had the opportunity yet, but the time will come when I can show it off and it will walk out with me on many outings.
I needed another red belt for a beautiful dress that I have.  Jude showed me a few options for belts, I geared toward the one with round leather rings because it sat on my waist comfortably.  After showing me a few other options, we went back to the circular belt.  She attached the black rings with a layer of red leather cut in an intricate edge and wove red and black leather strips in the front that ties with tassles.  It is a masterpiece.  With the pandemic I have not been able to wear it but the day will come when I can put it on and show off that too! 
Then of course I had to revive my old crocodile clutch that my father had given to me when I was eighteen years old.  I had kept it all these years, I could not let go of it.  I knew that it had to go to Jude so she can bring this to life too.  Well, I need not say anymore, she just transformed it into this beautiful exquisite clutch, which she called “Clutch Me Tender”.  She lined the whole inside with a layer of leather to make it not so flimsy, she added a layer of gold leather on the front and back, she painted the edges in gold and attached an exquisite buckle, one that I loved, she always shows me different options and likes to go with the one my heart speaks to.
All these pieces come finished with these beautiful pouches that Catherine, Judith's Mom sews in rich textiles and adds one of a kind button to them and I savor each one of them.
I love Jude’s work and her sensitivity to her client’s desires and wishes.  She loves her work and her passion comes through as you work with her.  She is one of a kind, who knows how to treasure and re-use artifacts that would otherwise go to waste.