Conscious Bride is a hand-held process

to create your Dream Wedding Dress

with love, for the most

Sacred Day of your Life!






"Judith crafts with a unique style. Her talented work is sensual and undeniably infused with a "je ne sais quoi“ ...that is French!

Everything has a reason to be. You fall in love with a beautiful mystery of a piece.

There is a subtle complexity to her designs that instantly attracts the eye. The dress takes your shape, rests warmly on your skin, and becomes part of you.

Judith speaks to the artist in you and brings out a flair of romantic modernism that is so incredibly feminine!"

~ Laura Mercier,

French Makeup Artist & founder of Laura Mercier Cosmetics.



"Dear Jude...WOW! We are at a loss for words. Your Artworks are so beautiful, and filled with love & talent. How lucky we are to know you. Thank you for such treasures, we will cherish them!".

~ Julia Roberts and Danny Moder.

American actress and American cinematographer.



Because you are looking for something Unique...



Come to my Highland Dream Atelier. We will dream up your dress over a delicious cup of tea and a homemade French tart. Bring me all your ideas and inspiration and I will guide you design that expresses your most authentic.


Working together closely, we will spend time searching for the perfect Canvas, meaning the dress that will be our base for our creative process. It might be a simple dress from a boutique you have in mind, a second-hand dress, or a family heirloom dress. We can also make one from scratch if it is your wish. Everything is possible. And we will keep the planet happy with our decision.


Now we can really start! Our imagination is unlimited to create the perfect reflection of who you are! The dress will be shaped to your body, adjusted to our collaborative vision. Layers of details will be added such as hand beading, embroidery, hand painting, laces, or any other creative accoutrements that may speak to you. Special treasures and love messages will be secretly intertwined. Trust my expert hand & creative mind to give you the best final design.


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