Whether whimsical or provocative, Judith Bodart Beylerian's wedding dresses each capture the Bride's essence while not straying from the demure moment when she embarks on this new life. You will not find a single theme in the Bridal collection of Judith Bodart Beylerian, for there is no single type of bride.

 Meeting the Bride to be for the first time to start the process of a unique "robe de mariée" wedding dress creation, it is like opening the book of the next chapter of her life...entering her thoughts, her dreams. Listening to her and getting a sense of her personality, love, fear and excitement. This future bride will come to me with her little girl dream's dress souvenirs in mind and her new vision on the theme. Often, she went through a collection of Wedding Magazines and numerous Bridal boutiques but didn't find her dream dress. She is looking for something unique, matching the idea in her mind. Our collaboration start here !

Commission: Tell me your story, if you are interested in a special Wedding Dress creation just for you!  ~contact me.


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Julia Roberts & Dany Moder's Wedding.

  Julia Roberts, for her private wedding to cameraman Dany Moder.

  Judith Bodart Beylerian created Julia's wedding dress and Dany's wedding shirt.  



 Some special moments of the Bridal Dress Collection.

























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