The Bending Girl ~ Pole Couture Series

March 31, 2014

A really fantastic series "Pole Couture" created around the Art of the Pole. We met very talented dancer with each a very special personality and style. Brynn, with her "garçonne" style (Boyish) is an amazing dancer with this bending and artistic, dramatic poses....she is telling us a story !


That's what I adore...finding the inspiring piece who will be transformed into a unique One of a Kind creative Art Piece. This suspender who are called "Bretelles" in french...Yes!, you can Rooollll the "LL" are turn not only into a playful accessories but also play as a sensual jewelry....essential piece in you outfit.

Title:"OMG" Bretelles/Bijoux: Black Woven & leather suspender reconsidered with antique rosary cross.


On her bear feet, our dancer wear a pair of "Bas de Chausses" by my calling taking an ancient french word (also called in english, Spatz) a very special creation to me. This one was a unique one but 3 models were created after this one. They are so fun to wear on any pair of shoes, transforming the moment. 


Feline Pearl Cuff: Raw cut leopard cotton cuff with antique hand beaded fabric and vintage button details.


Photography: Gregory Beylerian / One+Of+A+Kind Fashion Design & Styling: Judith Bodart Beylerian / Model: Brynn Rout