Warrior Flow ~ Pole Couture series

March 29, 2014

The Warrior Goddess is in you...let it get out and show your power to the World.

Strong, powerful an sensual...with grace she will balance herself on this instrument of seduction. Imposing her new vision of the situation.

This Art Tees is from the Pole Couture series. Following the body as it move.

A beautiful stretchy cotton receive different transformation with a play of:  cuts, paint, bleach, reshape, sewing of beads (beaded tassel in counter balance), vintage button and antique lace...no rules!  the finding of a new style...where the t-shirt become much more... flattering a Couture element.


On her bear feet, our dancer wear a pair of "Bas de Chausses" by my calling taking an ancient french word (also called in english, Spatz) a very special creation to me. This one was a unique one but 3 models were created after this one. They are so fun to wear on any pair of shoes, transforming the moment.

Photography: Gregory Beylerian / One+Of+A+Kind Fashion Design & Styling: Judith Bodart Beylerian / Model: Lindsey Kimura