December 11, 2003

Costume design creation for a collaboration project with artist Gregory Beylerian.

Very exciting project using a lot of different materials, technologies and traditional techniques.

  • Commissioned for Vista Village Metroplex 15 Krikorian Theater, Vista CA.
  • Size: 30 feet x 40 feet
  • Medium: Archival Ink on a spun back canvas.
  • Architect: Perkowitz + Ruth
  • The artwork was created using a process of integrating photography with painting and poetry.
  • Judith Bodart Beylerian created the fashion  and accessories for the models.
  • Parrish Puente sculpted the harpoons and the peg leg.
  • Models: Captain Ahab – David Desantos, Starbuck – Barry Kramer, Queequeg – Parrish Puente.




Barry plays the role of Starbuck, wearing the outfit Jude created for the mural.

David in character as Captain Ahab, being photographed for the mural.

Jude is preparing the makeup for the characters, scares, tattoos...

Parry is building the harpoons in the paint flinging studio space.

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