8 cinematic genres Costume Design creation

April 15, 2003

8 Exterior Art murals installed at Metroplex Theater.
  • Eight artworks created each measuring 10 feet x 20 feet permanently installed on the exterior of The Buena Park Metroplex 18 Theatre. There are a total of 14 pieces installed around the building.
  • THE CONCEPT –  Was to create a play on the movie poster format by first defining 8 cinematic genres: action, comedy, drama, horror, fantasy, musical, romance, western. Each genre poster would represent in a colorful multi medium visual language, the experience of falling into a good movie. Therefore the moviegoer in their seats becomes the central characters as portrayed by costume and demeanor. The background is filled with other movie goers who are experiencing the emotional reactions provoked by the film as represented by their facial expressions. The overall visual dynamic was designed to be playful, light hearted and filled with visual details to be discovered by movie goers and returning customers who might find new details each time they look at these large scale works.
  • COSTUME DESIGN – Judith Bodart Beylerian – Every costume down to the last detail was designed and made by Jude. The details are easily viewable on site as the images stand 20 feet tall.
  • Architect: Perkowitz + Ruth