Grace & Ritual show "HIDDEN"

May 10, 2014

Grace & Ritual "Hidden" @ iam8bit in Echo Park features more than 30 female artists.

Last year, iam8bit Gallery in Echo Park hosted the all-women artist show, “Grace & Ritual.” It was such a success that the venue will present “Grace & Ritual: Hidden” featuring work by more than 30 female artists from around the world.

Visitors will see a range of takes on the theme — from serious to sublime, from introspective to pure fantasy — in a variety of media such as photography, large-scale installation, sculpture, paintings and crochet.

“(The show) refers to this thing I think is uniquely female, that is this idea that as women, we create these rituals in our lives and we go about them with a sort of grace or in order to create this idea of grace,” said Amanda White, co-owner of iam8bit Gallery and curator of the exhibit.

 “It’s a sort of spiritual peacefulness almost that comes from the practice of ritual. Creating art is a beautiful and amazing ritual that people experience. Artists experience it all the time and I think that’s what motivates them to do it.”

The exhibit theme, “Hidden,” encompasses secrets, things that go unnoticed and internal things that are hard to see, White said.

“It’s an essential part of our humanity that we express what’s inside of us through artwork,” White said. “Artwork is a lot about responding to the internal, and it seems like what people gravitate toward these days is drawn from the external. I want to flip this on its head.”

 The collection of artists includes those who have worked with iam8bit for years as well as new and emerging talent.

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 Live Art Installation and Pole Couture Creation

"Don't Hide your Sexy, Celebrate it !" 

by Judith Bodart Beylerian.


Art Photography Framed on the wall during the show representing the Pole Couture

by Gregory Beylerian. (presented in following post).


Photos of the Opening night by Jose Zakany



Thank you so much to my girls for being part of this Live Art installation and making it so awesome!!! (Elena  Anishchenko, Kate Lee and Brynn Route, in order in the photo ) Amazing acrobats and sensual ladies who wore my creation with the most style. Big thank to "Bespun Studio" in Hollywood for helping me find this wonderful dancers. 

Also Cannot forget the superbe Emilee Wilson who work with us for so many years and add one more fantastic visual and outstanding performance for the Art Wall.

A last big Thank you to the very special Lindsey Kimura and Marina Kiseleva for their beautiful work in our Studio and on finding their place on the Art Wall of the night.

They are all so difference, beautiful and amazing!


Jude (Judith Bodart Beylerian)