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One of a kind Tees Art collection, customized T-shirt with a creative flair, a word, a message, an adorn piece sawn by a gold thread with a contemporary and stylish vibe. 

Your boyfriend shirt revisited !   ~who doesn't love to wear a cosy shirt ...who hug your body with "this little, je ne sais quoi !" this sex appeal, the revealing of a nude shoulder ...the little magic who make you want to dance, swing and Laugh.

- A splash of discoloration, a bleach sensation, a dye provocation.

- A story with a bead, a line, a cut, a word

A transformation...Inspire!



See "Art Tess Shoot" Lookbook

One+Of+A+Kind Couture Creation and Styling: Judith Bodart beylerian / Photography: Gregory Beylerian / Model: Susie Abromeit

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