Pure corset

~ Pure, corset.

size: fit small. To give an idea the model in the photo is : Chest/bust: 36 (B/C)/ Waist: 24 / Hips: 35

 Corsets are an expression of sexuality and freedom. Empower, inspire & have fun with your sensuality. Corset has always been one of the highlight pieces of my collection, following me and inspiring me always! 

Working along and collaborating with amazing artist, like Kinney today!

 Corsets have come a long way. What used to be worn as an undergarment with controversial and doubtful place in society, is now front and center. 

Madonna put them back in the limelight in the ‘80s with the now-iconic cone bra corset from Jean Paul Gaultier.

Many celebrities today have used the corset in their street fashion with the overall intention to enhance their figure, feminize and make a statement. Inspiring the world to do the same.

Due to the luxuriousness of the corset, Dior and Alexander McQueen used the corset in their recent collections, creating a feminine uniqueness to the runway and everyday fashion.

Adding the corset to any outfit would be a great way of tailoring it to your shape and highlighting the beauty of your body.

In the photo:

Vintage corset transformed with antique lingerie pieces. Mother of pearl, star shape button. Metallic rose on the corsage and indian relic dangling down her thighs.

You will find an antique gentleman bow on her derrière (behind) playing with a fluffy metallic button, cuttout hand painted dot and stars... and fews more details.


One+Of+A+Kind Couture Creation and Styling: Judith Bodart beylerian / Photography: Gregory Beylerian / Model: Jessica Blairherman


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