Cosmos Jumpsuit

Size: Medium but very long. To give you an idea our model is 5.10 and where it with flat. (But if you are smaller where it with hight shoes or boots).

Transformation happens on this jumpsuit...Waiting for new photos!!!!!

Denim Trench jumpsuit meant for roaming the streets of a cosmopolitan city. This one was transformed into a dress.

The rough denim is elaborately decorated with delicate laces and pearls, gold painted details. The bottom for the jumpsuit was deep in a Purple dye.

On Back of the jumpsuit and side pocket: Art photography by Gregory Beylerian.


One+Of+A+Kind Couture Creation and Styling: Judith Bodart beylerian / Photography: Gregory Beylerian / Model woman: Allison Black /Men: Nathan Morlando)


Jumpsuit from workwear-turned-streetwear to Haute couture wear! 

Judith Bodart Beylerian’s Up-cycled vintage Jumpsuit are One of a kind

...a real storytelling of details!

“I love how capable I look and feel in it — like I can do anything in it.”

A jumpsuit is a one-piece garment, generally regarded as a garment

of convenience, especially for entertainers,

as they are simpler, lighter and more flexible to wear. They have

become more of a put on and remove garment than an ensemble outfit.

Now jumpsuits are a wardrobe staple in their own right, as ubiquitous

as the little black dress.

Though they do have one flaw, “You have to strip to go pee, so that’s

a little rough” but “the jumpsuit is so comfortable, it makes up for that.” ;-)

Big News: “This Jumpsuit was modified to clear out of this problem”

by a zipper placed at the crotch to create an easy experience at the bathroom. YEAH!!!

The functional, rugged, work-wear focused” jumpsuits also “takes curvy

bodies into account ” …really any type of body!

There is something so fresh, modern, and effortless about a jumpsuit.

It’s easy to dress up or down with the simple addition of heels and accessories.

And if you’re among the women who aren’t big fans of dresses, or you’re

just a little bored of your daily rotation of summer frocks, then jumpsuits

are the coolest alternative out there. The one-piece wonder never really

goes out of style either. 

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