1940's Kimo' No

~ Geisha des temps modernes, robe du soir.

Size: it work like a wrap...so will fit many different body. Our Model is 5'7" tall.

The Love of Kimono. This vintage black silk kimono find his way on this beautiful Geisha of our time. A twist to the story, revealing a little more of our orignal ladies.

A very sensual gown with a very modern approach.

This Kimono is wore by two beautiful woman ...!

One in photographs,... actress, Susie Abromeit (Jessica Jones, Battle Los Angeles, Devious Maid...)

The second in a little short movie,... actress, Nazneen Contractor (Star Trek, "24", Ransom)

One+Of+A+Kind Couture Creation and Styling: Judith Bodart beylerian / 

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