L'Envolée Redingote Kimono

~Take off, kimono.

size: Kimono are amazing they can fit so many sizes. this one is adjustable in the back by design. To give you an idea the model in the photo measure 5'3".

Artful Kimono by Judith Bodart Beylerian.

"Redingote style" a sleeveless kimono with a great story...look it Taking-off !

Golden Lines stripes on the long collar giving a Gypsy Chic'Hip Vibe.

One+Of+A+Kind Couture Creation and Styling: Judith Bodart beylerian / Photography: Gregory Beylerian / Actress: Jessalyn Gilsig ("Vikings", "Glee", "Heroes"...)

Music By GregJam102 ~ Vocal by Lunabelle Beylerian

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